Font management


  • New in Version 3

    Introducing the enhanced font classification feature now also for Server Fonts
  • New in Version 3

    Labels, Rating and Comments for Server Fonts
  • New in Version 3

    A new feature enables Administrators to send messages or e-mails to FontExplorer X Server users directly from the statistics panel
  • New in Version 3

    Administrators can send a notification to users to reload the source list when new fonts or sets are made available
  • New in Version 3

    Performance improvements when viewing non-downloaded server fonts in the preview
  • New in Version 3

    Changes in the Statistics panel include: additional columns to show the System Version, Client version, e-mail address of user
  • New in Version 3

    The License Information and Modify License Information dialogs have been modified to allow viewing longer text strings
  • New in Version 3

    Administrators can now apply a color label to Server Folders and Sets
  • Administrate FontExplorer X Server from any connected Macintosh or Windows client
  • Distribute Font sets across the network while allowing users to customize their local Font sets and preferences
  • Create Font groups by workgroup, project, employee type or Font style
  • Easy interface for both users and administrators
  • Display server Fonts in local sets
  • Disable Font import into the local library for FontExplorer X Pro client users
  • Hide the local library and local sets for FontExplorer X Pro client users
  • Make a set of Fonts mandatory for download and/or activation
  • Show detailed path for Fonts in nested folders
  • Use server Fonts even without being connected
Account Management


  • Support for Single sign-on through Kerberos
  • LDAP import
  • LDAP Authentication
  • Easy-to-use role and permission models

System Integration


  • Mac OS X Server 10.9 to 10.14
  • Microsoft Windows (Server 2008, Server 2012 and Server 2016) systems
  • FontExplorer X Pro version 6.x for Macintosh or later New in Version 3
  • License management

Font License Management


  • Full Font license control
  • Full Font usage overview
  • Generate Font license reports
  • Filter for deleted Fonts in license view
  • Permissions controlled export of Server Fonts


  • Intuitive interface that continues the logical design of the original FontExplorer X end user application
  • Hide stores, SkyFonts and Typekit Fonts on a global,
    group or user basis
  • In-client notification of server updates
  • Improved collect for output (packaging) with Server Fonts for
    InDesign and QuarkXPress
  • LDAP user counter in import list
  • Integrated backup functions (Scheduled)
  • Enhanced backup management features (Auto-delete, etc.)
  • Primary/Secondary functionality included – add as many secondary servers as you require
  • Scheduled replication enhanced
  • Advanced Server Communication with Mac Clients
  • Add the Monotype, Linotype and ITC Font libraries. (Not available for online purchase, please contact us for more information.)

Language versions


  • English
  • German
  • French