Follow these steps:
  • Launch server and look for update, either via notification or manually.
  • Click “yes” to perform update.
  • The update process checks for OS compatibility.
  • The new server version installs.
  • Installation and reboot should only take a few minutes, but clients also need to be updated.
  • Enterprise customers would need to coordinate server update and client roll out.
  • All server settings will be maintained.
  • When the server is down, the client may continue to work depending on server side settings.
  • There is a setting in the server that allows the clients to continue to work without a connection to the server.
  • The admin can change this setting in the server configuration before initiating the update, if they hadn’t already.
No. The update process is simple and once the new version is installed, you will not have to reconfigure all of your settings or purchase/download your fonts again.
When an update becomes available, the software becomes aware of the update when the user opens the application. FontExplorer X when shows the user a notification to update.
However, any client user can disable notifications, and server administrators can turn off notifications for the server and all connected clients.
You or your server admin likely disabled update notifications at some point.
Users can manually check for updates within the software.
Client and Server requires Mac OS 10.9 or later.


Client requires Windows 7 or later.
Server requires Windows Server 2008 or later.
For Mac users, open the software, click “FontExplorer X” in the menu bar at the top of the page and select “About FontExplorer X Pro”. A dialog box will display the version of the software that’s running.


For Windows users, open the software, click “File” in the menu bar at the top of the page and select “Properties” (for older versions); Newer versions will find the information by clicking on “Help” and then selecting “About”. A dialog box will display the version of the software that’s running.

FontExplorer X Server checks whether your fonts are distributed more times than the license allows. When there are insufficient licenses, a warning is issued solely to the server administrator. FontExplorer X Pro and FontExplorer X Server transfer no information externally concerning your font installation base or the fonts in use. FontExplorer X Server simply provides the user with the means to maintain license control – at any time, at a glance.

Yes. FontExplorer X allows you to manage fonts independent of licensor, manufacturer or designer.