FontExplorer X Pro 7.2.6 (MACOS)

  • New: Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop 2021
  • Fixed: Issues with Adobe Photoshop 2020 plug-in on macOS Catalina and later
  • Fixed: “Clean System Fonts Folders” functionality now works in macOS Big Sur

FontExplorer X Pro 7.2.5 (MACOS)

  • New: Plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator 2021, Adobe InDesign 2021, and Adobe InCopy 2021
  • Fixed: Slowness issues with Adobe Illustrator 2020 plug-in on macOS Catalina
  • Fixed: Security prompts for Adobe Illustrator 2020 and Adobe InDesign 2020 plug-ins on macOS Catalina
  • Fixed: Removed duplicate display of classification smart sets
  • Fixed: Updated text for Monotype connection under Cloud Fonts

FontExplorer X Pro 7.2.0 (MACOS)

  • New: Faster version of the Discovery Engine
  • New: Estimate of Discovery Engine initialization time
  • New: Ability to “stop initialization” while Discovery Engine is starting
  • New: Discovery Engine initialization progress bar

FontExplorer X Pro 7.1.3 (MACOS)

  • New: Recently Imported default smart set
  • New: Prompt to auto-classify shown after initializing Discovery Engine
  • New: Trial period set to 30 days (will not affect current trials)

FontExplorer X Pro 7.1.2 (MACOS)

  • NEW: Auto-activate font requests from iMovie, Keynote, Pages, Numbers
  • NEW: Font request auto-activation set to "On" by default
  • NEW: Option to remove all classifications from a font or selection of fonts
  • NEW: Remove fonts from Classification Sets
  • NEW: Custom classifications will show in the Classifications section
  • FIXED: MyFonts store opening new browser window

FontExplorer X Pro 7.1.1 (MACOS)

  • New: Various control panels hidden on initial launch
  • New: Improved color label UI; clicking label applies it now (no checkbox)
  • Fixed: Sort order in library is retained after restart of application
  • Fixed: French text in menu options improved
  • Fixed: Multiple instances of fonts appearing in Classification sets
  • Fixed: UI glitch when hiding preview panel

FontExplorer X Pro 7.1.0 (MACOS)

  • New: Auto-classify your entire library in one click
  • New: Auto-classify a selection of fonts
  • New: Auto-classify a set
  • New: Unused Classification smart sets hidden by default
  • Fixed: Issue with duplicate scan freezing
  • Fixed: Issue choosing Language or OTF in smart set (Japanese)
  • Fixed: Smart sets not showing previous setting when editing

FontExplorer X Pro 7.0.1 (MACOS)

  • Fixed: Plug-ins for MacOS Catalina
  • Fixed: Label legibility in Dark Mode
  • Fixed: Link to Help in Help menu
  • Fixed: “Clean Organized Fonts Folder” function
  • Fixed: Auto-classification issue when internet disconnects
  • Fixed: Various minor fixes in the interface

FontExplorer X Pro 7.0.0 (MACOS)

  • Similarity panel: Find fonts similar to a selected font
  • Pairing panel: Find fonts that will pair well with a selected font
  • Improved classification: Discovery Engine will match most of your fonts
  • Auto-classification on import
  • Automatic Classification smart sets for improved browsing
  • New Classification interface
  • Run in background when launched from Plug-ins
  • Last deactivation timestamp to track when fonts were deactivated
  • Recently Activated and Recently Deactivated smart sets
  • Relative date options for smart sets: Last 30, 90, and 180 days
  • Auto-detection of apps for Plug-Ins during set up
  • Fixed transparency issue in Slideshow
  • Simplified Classification groupings: Style, Usage, Theme
  • Right-click font in Similar and Pairing suggestion to “Show in Library”