Font management


  • Get an in-depth look at FontExplorerX Pro 7: View the user guide (pdf)
  • Similarity panel: Find similar fonts New in Version 7

    The all-new Discovery Engine uses a machine-learning algorithm to help you find fonts that are visually similar in your collection. Select a font in your library and click the “Similar” tab in the preview panel to see a list of fonts that share the same aesthetic attributes. You can then right-click and select “Show in Library” to jump to the similar font in your library.

  • Pairing panel: Find pairing suggestions New in Version 7

    The all-new Discovery Engine uses a machine-learning algorithm to help you find fonts that will pair well visually in your designs. Select a font in your library and click the “Pairing” tab in the preview panel to see a list of fonts that will look nice when paired with your selected font. You can then right-click and select “Show in Library” to jump to the suggested font in your library.

  • More accurate classification with Discovery Engine New in Version 7

    With the all-new Discovery Engine, auto-classification will now match most of the fonts in your library (OTF and TTF files only). Also, FontExplorerX Pro can now make classification suggestions, informing your choices and giving you more control over which classifications are applied.

  • Auto-classification on import New in Version 7

    A new setting allows you to let FontExplorerX Pro automatically classify your fonts when they are imported, saving you tons of time organizing fonts. You can find this setting in Preferences > General. This setting is on by default.

  • Classification smart sets for improved browsing New in Version 7

    A new “Classification” section in the libary source panel provides automatic smart sets for all of your classifications, giving you a super-convenient way to find fonts by Classification.

  • New Classification interface New in Version 7

    The Classification interface has been updated to give you more fine-tune control over which classifications are applied to your fonts. Use suggestions provided by the new Discovery Engine, browse all of the available classifications, or easily create your own. Classifications now have three simple new high-level groupings: Style, Usage, and Theme.

  • Run in background when launched from Plug-ins New in Version 7

    When FontExplorerX Pro is launched by another application, it will now auto-activate your fonts in the background, without launching the entire application. The FEX icon will appear black in the dock when the application is running in the background. Simply click on the icon to launch the full application window.

  • Track when fonts are deactivated New in Version 7

    Now you can track when fonts were last deactivated, as well as track when it was last activated.

  • Recently Activated and Recently Deactivated smart sets New in Version 7

    Forget which fonts you were working with last month? Need to know which fonts were automatically deactivated recently? FontExplorerX now comes with “Recently Activated” and “Recently Deactivated” smart sets built for you so that you can easily see font activation activity for the past 90 days.

  • Relative date options for smart sets New in Version 7

    You can now create your own relative look-back rules in Smart Sets.

  • User Interface in Japanese

    Added Japanese as a user interface language which will automatically be set if your OS language is Japanese. If you would like to work with FontExplorer X Pro in Japanese while your OS is set to another language, please follow these steps:

    1) Quit FontExplorer X Pro if it is running;
    2) Start the Terminal application (/Application/Utilities/Terminal.app);
    3) Enter the following command (without the start and end quote) at the prompt: “defaults write com.linotype.FontExplorerX AppleLanguages "(Japanese)”;” followed by the enter key;
    4) Start FontExplorer X Pro; 5) To reset the language, enter the following command (without the outer quotes) in the Terminal application: “defaults delete com.linotype.FontExplorerX AppleLanguages;”

  • Localized Font Information for 25 Languages

    Localised font information (if available in a font) can be shown for the following languages:

    Arabic, Basque, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish.

    The setting can be turned on in the “General” panel of the FontExplorer X Pro Preferences and the language shown will be determined by the “Preferred language” setting of your OS.

  • Scan Documents for Fonts

    “Detect Fonts in Documents” has been enhanced to support an additional 19 document types:

    • docx, dotx, pptx, ppsx, potm (Microsoft Office Open XML)
    • odt, fodt, ott, odp, fodp, otp, odg (Open Document)
    • sxw, stw, sxi, sti, sxd (Open Office 1.0)
    • sketch (Sketch)
    • sla (Scribus)

  • Improved Font Tiles

    The Enhanced Font Tile View lets you set the text to the first two letters of the font name, view detailed font information on mouse over, add rounded corners, foreground and background color and even gradually change the background color between the first and last tile by selecting a “blend to” color.

  • Enhanced Web Preview

    Enhancements to the Web Preview include the ability to edit text of elements and change the user agent to simulate various operating systems and browsers.

  • Unicode® 9 Support

    Added support for Unicode 9.

  • CSV Document Export

    In addition to exporting font information from the font list as text, it can now be exported from the local or server font list as a CSV document with options for defining the separator and the text encoding.

  • “New Set from Selection” Menu Item

    Added menu item “New Set from Selection” to the context menu in the font list.

  • New “Import” Preference Setting

    Added a new preference setting to the “Import” panel which permits the user to define whether or not a new set is created when importing fonts into FontExplorer X Pro.

  • Sort by Path Name in Conflicts Panel

    Added the ability to sort by path name in the Conflicts panel.

  • Expanded Source List

    The source list can now be expanded to a greater width to aid in viewing long set and folder names or deeply nested folders and sets.

  • Automated Backup

    When updating your version of FontExplorer X Pro a backup of your font database file (FontExplorer X.fexsdb) will automatically be created. The file is located in the directory /Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Linotype/FontExplorer X/ and is named “FontExplorer X auto backup xx to yy [date/timestamp].fexdb. xx and yy represent the internal database version number. Should it be necessary to restore a backed up database file, simply rename it to “FontExplorer X.fexdb”.

  • System Notifications

    Growl notification system has been replaced by OS notifications.

  • Font Tile View

    The new Font Tile View provides font previews composed of selected character sets. These previews are particularly helpful for customers evaluating type based on one or two select characters (e.g. a designer looking for typefaces containing a capital A without a crossbar for a logo that needs a futuristic feel.) The larger, artistic showings also provide a fun, alternative way to browse type.

  • Customizable preview

    Previewing type is an essential capability for anyone working with Fonts frequently. FontExplorer X Pro has always offered several options for configuring previews based on our users' needs. With FontExplorer X Pro 5, preview configuration options have been consolidated and are now conveniently located at the side of the preview.

  • Customizable list view

    Font size, style linking, grouping of font families or any other type of font information - FontExplorer X Pro lets you decide what you want to see and what you don't. With FontExplorer X Pro 5 we have placed all the available options in the list view - right where you need it.

  • Support for latest Web Font formats

    FontExplorer X Pro not only supports all commonly used desktop font formats, it can also help you organize your Web fonts. FontExplorer X Pro 5 offers support for WOFF 2, the latest Web font format.

  • Enable/Disable fonts manually

    While this may be a fundamental feature of any font management application, FontExplorer X Pro tackles this task with uncommon ease. Whether you select a single font, a group of Fonts, a Set or a Smart Set, activation or deactivation is only a checkbox away. And yes, you can also use a key combination. Select "Activate" from the menu or right-click to start the task.

  • Organize fonts with Sets

    Sets are font groups that allow you to organize your Fonts without moving the font files. You can add Fonts by dragging them to one or more Sets – one font can exist in multiple Sets at the same time.

  • Automatically organize fonts with Smart Sets

    Smart Sets are the convenient way to group Fonts according to numerous attributes, regardless of where they are actually located. You can sort Fonts by certain filter criteria (e.g. font vendor, style, customer and even language support) to arrange them into one Smart Set and also combine several Smart Sets into one. As soon as a new font is detected that fullfills the criteria of the Smart Set, it will automatically be added.

  • Organize Sets and Smart Sets in folders

    Folders are used to sort Sets and Smart Sets. This is a convenient way to store all the Sets and Smart Sets that you created for a certain project ort customer in one place.

  • Enable/disable Sets, Smart Sets and Folders

    Now that you've created your Sets, Smart Sets and Folders, you will certainly want to activate or deactivate the Fonts within them. Easily do this by clicking the Checkmark for the whole Set, Smart Set or Folder. Activating all the Sets for a project is now just a click away.

  • Ad hoc Sets from current font selection

    Use a simple shortcut (Cmd - +) to create a Set from any group of Fonts you currently select. The resulting "Ad hoc Set" is filled with every font that you use the shortcut on. As soon as you rename the "Ad hoc Set" it becomes a standard Set. Using the shortcut again will create a new "Ad hoc Set”

  • Activation control with application-based
    sets and font request view

    Wouldn’t it be great if Fonts were only activated for the applications you want to use them for? Create an "Application Set" and add the Fonts that should be active when your favorite application starts up. And when you quit the application, FontExplorer X Pro can deactivate them for you as well.

  • Font family view

    Families can be large and sometimes it is nice to see all of the family members together. This is also true for font families. With FontExplorer X Pro’s optional font family view, all members of a font family are displayed in one group.

  • OpenType® style linking view

    Shows the four standard styles of a font (Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic) linked together when available.

  • Detailed preview

    The detailed preview is part of FontExplorer X Pro's information window and it gives you a comprehensive and configurable preview of the selected font. Try a font with different OpenType features, Colors, Letterspacing and custom text to find out what the font has to offer.

  • Character view

    How do you access a certain character via the keyboard? What characters or Unicode options are included? What languages are supported? What is the HTML character code? The Character View, part of FontExplorer X Pro's information window, has answers to all these questions.

  • Character Toolbox

    Finding the right font is often challenging, but can be even more difficult when the requirements are technical in nature, such as: ”I need a font that has support for a certain language and doesn’t consume too much ink or paper when printed“. This is where the Character Toolbox helps out. Use one of the sample texts or your own custom copy to check for character coverage, ink usage or paper usage information.

  • Clean system font caches

    Regular activation and deactivation and handling of large font libraries can cause corrupted font cache files of the System. If you encounter System wide font display problems it is a good idea to clean the system font caches. FontExplorer X Pro handles this task for you.

  • Clean application (Adobe®, Microsoft®, Quark®)
    font caches

    To ensure best performance and stability of the QuarkXPress®, Adobe® Creative Cloud® and Microsoft® Office applications, the font cache files of these applications should be cleaned regularly if you activate/deactivate Fonts often. FontExplorer X Pro handles this task for you.

System integration


  • Supports macOS Catalina (10.15)New in Version 7

    FontExplorer X Pro version 7 is ready for macOS Catalina (10.15). This version of FontExplorer X Pro requires OS X 10.10 or later

  • Darkmode support
  • Spotlight support
  • Optimized for Retina Displays
Missing Font handling


  • Auto-detection of apps for Plug-Ins during set up New in Version 7

    On first launch, FontExplorerX will now detect which applications are on your system, and offer you the latest Plug-Ins that are compatible with your design tools.

  • System-wide auto-activation of fonts
  • Auto-activation via Plug-Ins for:
    • Adobe InCopy CC 2019 New
    • Adobe InDesign CC 2019 New
    • Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 New
    • Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 New
    • Adobe InCopy® CS6 to Creative Cloud 2018
    • Adobe InDesign® CS6 to Creative Cloud 2018
    • Adobe Illustrator® CS6 to Creative Cloud 2018
    • Adobe Photoshop® CS6 to Creative Cloud 2018
    • QuarkXPress® 9 to 2018


  • Integrated Font stores

    Now you can access the Fonts.com, Linotype.com, MyFonts.com, FontShop.com and Monotype Enterprise font stores directly within FontExplorer X Pro. Fonts can now be purchased from these stores, downloaded, installed and activated all without leaving FontExplorer X Pro, eliminating the break in workflow that occurs when you need to exit the creative process to acquire type. Convenient controls allow font purchases to be automatically organized into sets or automatically activated if desired. Users of the previously integrated FontExplorer X Store can still access their downloads: Please visit the Linotype.com store and log in with the credentials of the previously integrated FontExplorer X Store.

  • Cloud font access (SkyFonts, Typekit)

    Adding to its previous ability to activate and deactivate fonts from Monotype’s SkyFonts™ solution, FontExplorer X Pro 5 can now do the same for fonts activated through the Adobe Typekit® desktop sync feature. This allows these “cloud fonts” to be previewed and organized. Additionally, users can deactivate these fonts (without uninstalling them) and easily reactivate them.

  • Connects to FontExplorer X Server 3
  • Customizable Print functionality
    • Create Fontbooks by template
    • Add and Edit print templates
    • Include custom header/footer graphics
    • Professional Typeface Catalog Template
    • Share print templates with the import and export feature
  • Wide Screen mode
  • Transparency mode
  • Transparent font slideshow
  • Classification (manual and automatic)
  • Configurable toolbar
  • Font store can be hidden by user or server admin
  • Conflict handling
  • Enhanced Document font scanner
  • Growl support
  • Improved Backup functionality
  • Quick Install functionality
  • Export as image/zip/disk image
Help functions


  • Welcome Tour

    If you are new to FontExplorer X Pro the “Welcome Tour” is a good place to start with an overview of the product, product family and key features. If you’ve just updated from a previous version the “What’s New” section is the place to start for a quick summary of the new features.

  • Setup assistant
  • On-line Help
  • Auto updater
  • Plug-In updater
  • FontAgentPro import
  • Suitcase Fusion 2/3/4/5/6/7 import
  • Online FAQ archive
Language versions


  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Japanese