FontExplorer X Pro 7 instantly boosts your type expertise with new AI-powered features to help you organize and explore your catalog, while providing time-saving automations.

The all-new Discovery Engine can categorize just about any font for you, and allows you to identify similar fonts within your collection. It will even make pairing suggestions.

For more detailed information of new features click here.

After purchasing a license for version 7, there is a link to install the fonts on the confirmation page. Leave this page open, make sure FontExplorer X Pro is installed and add the new license in the Client License section. Then click the link on the confirmation page to install your free fonts.

The Discovery Engine should match most OTF and TTF fonts, unless they are symbol fonts, dingbats, or have an inordinate amount of points per character. Other font formats will not be matched. If an internet connection is available, FontExplorer X Pro will also use the existing server-side classification service for even more accuracy.

No, the Discovery Engine will only process OTF and TTF font files. All other formats will not receive similarity, pairing, or classification suggestions.

There are a few reasons why this could occur: the Discovery Engine has not been turned on, there are no matches, or you have selected more than one font (the Discovery Engine only matches individual fonts). Also, matches are not provided for fonts managed through the server. Each reason should display a unique message in the UI to explain why this is happening.

Yes! We offer 20% off for all students and educators. Just create an account using your educational institution’s email address, then contact us using that same email address. We will send you instructions on how to apply the discount.

We offer a fully functional trial version of FontExplorer X Pro that can be used for 30 days. At the end of the trial period, you may purchase a license online and continue working with all the fonts and sets that you have organized over the last 30 days. You can download the trial version on this page.

The only restrictions on the trial version are that the printing function is limited to one font and you cannot connect to a FontExplorer X Server.

  • If you are running the latest version of the client (6x for Mac, 3.5.4 for Windows) or the Thin Client, and server (3.0.3 for Mac, 3.0.4 for Windows), you will be unaffected.
  • If you are running version 4x or 5x of the Mac client, you can update those versions for free.
    • If you’re running version 4x of the Mac client, you can update to version 4.2.4 for free.
    • If you’re running version 5x of the Mac client, you can update to version 5.5.2 for free.
  • If you are running version 3x or older of the Mac client, you have two choices:
  • If you are running an older version of the Windows client, you can update the client to version 3.5.3 or 3.5.4 for free.
  • If you are running a version of the server, you can update it to versions 3.0.3 for Mac, or 3.0.4 for Windows for free.
  • If you are not currently using the updated versions, FontExplorer X will stop working for you when the application re-launches.

You must update to the latest version(s) immediately to avoid issues.

Visit to download and install the latest versions.

Yes, both the Mac and Windows versions of the client and server software are affected by this.
For the client:
  • On system reboot or application restart, the client will revert to trial mode.
For server customers:
  • The server application itself will continue to work until the application or server is restarted.
    • However, customers running primary-secondary server configurations have scheduled restarts to sync the primary and secondary. This could be set to sync daily, which would cause the server application to restart daily, causing the failure.
    • Also, even if the server application doesn’t restart, if the customer is on an older server-client setup (i.e., client versions 4 or 5), the client applications will fail when the client is restarted.
You can either check for updates within the software or Click here to get the update.
  • Version 3 or older of the Mac client can either:
  • Version 4 or 5 client only users can update to newest version of 4 or 5 at no cost.
Follow these steps:
  • Launch server and look for update, either via notification or manually.
  • Click “yes” to perform update.
  • The update process checks for OS compatibility.
  • The new server version installs.
  • Installation and reboot should only take a few minutes, but clients also need to be updated.
  • Enterprise customers would need to coordinate server update and client roll out.
  • All server settings will be maintained.
  • When the server is down, the client may continue to work depending on server side settings.
  • There is a setting in the server that allows the clients to continue to work without a connection to the server.
  • The admin can change this setting in the server configuration before initiating the update, if they hadn’t already.
If you’re not able to update server version before the deadline, you can activate all the fonts you need through the client and define how long you’ll need access to those fonts before you’re able to update your server version of FontExplorer X.
Yes, you will still need to update the software to ensure that it works normally.
Please get in touch with your IT team to alert them to the need to update the software, or to ask them to lift the lockdown so you can update the software.
In most cases, no. The only way that webfonts would be impacted is if FontExplorer X and the web server were hosted together.
If that is the case, please contact our support team at:
No. The current security certification is simply expiring. This is not related to a security vulnerability.
No. The update process is simple and once the new version is installed, you will not have to reconfigure all of your settings or purchase/download your fonts again.
When an update becomes available, the software becomes aware of the update when the user opens the application. FontExplorer X when shows the user a notification to update.
However, any client user can disable notifications, and server administrators can turn off notifications for the server and all connected clients.
You or your server admin likely disabled update notifications at some point.
Users can manually check for updates within the software.