Fonts Getting Out of Hand?

If you regularly use more than just a handful of fonts, you’ve probably got your hands full trying to manage them.

Every font that has been activated on your system requires the deployment of system resources to applications. This can be an unproductive use of resources, particularly for fonts that are used infrequently. Font management allows you to activate fonts solely for the period of time you actually need them, freeing up precious resources so your system can run more efficiently.

Every professional creative application you install adds new fonts to your system that you may or may not want. Font management helps you find, preview, and sort fonts and deactivate the ones you don't need.

A good font manager

  • lets you activate and deactivate your fonts.
  • shows you a preview.
  • shows you the font name.
  • tells you which fonts are missing in a document.

A professional font manager

  • accomplishes the tasks above for you by communicating with your application.
  • lets you customize text previews with color and editable sample text strings.
  • shows you all the information you need to know about a font.
  • directs you to a store where you can obtain missing fonts.

In short

a good font manager lets you manage your fonts, while a professional font manager manages fonts for you.

Single users

can use a font management tool such as FontExplorer® X Pro to organize, preview, and buy fonts as well as to deactivate fonts not currently in use to free up system resources. Those designing for print and the Web may also consider a Web Fonts subscription that includes a license of FontExplorer X Pro.


in design, print and publishing environments face additional font management challenges that can only be addressed with server-based font management. The FontExplorer Server solution lets administrators control font access rights across the entire workgroup from a centralized source. In this way, administrators can make sure users always have the exact fonts they need and have permission to use without having to check and make updates at each individual workstation.